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Cuddly toys from Schaffer:
Friends for life.

Friends for life.

Welcome to Schaffer!
Here we write
»riendship« with a double-ff.

Because it takes at least two
to experience the true magic
of real friends. But since you can never
have enough loyal companions,
we would suggest you
take a look at our shop.

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Schaffer cuddly toys,
whether stuffed animals,
key rings or magnetics,
have a special ability sewn into them:
Bringing joy into the world.
Use this superpower
for your company

in the form of personalised
advertising gifts

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The Schaffer cuddley toy
range at a glance
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Favourite friends of Schaffer

    Cuddly toys
    as advertising medium

    As a manufacturer of cuddly toys, we specialise in the
    production of corporate gifts. Choose a matching cuddly toy
    from our collection and personalise it with your logo
    and other accessories
    . Or you can work with us to develop
    your very own promotional ambassador according to your ideas.

    more about personalisations
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    Corporate advertising gifts
    by Schaffer

    Making advertising gifts for a wide variety of customers has already won
    us many friends: Big and small, national and international. 
Here is a small
    overview of selected “B2B-cuddle-highlights”:

    Schaffer as
    cuddly toy manufacturer

    Working for national
    & international customers
    for over 45 years

    Use of high-quality
    & durable
    materials only

    Production under fair &
    certified conditions
    in our
    own factory in Indonesia

    Direct support
    in Germany (Karlsruhe)
    for all order processing

    Schaffer cuddly toys
    for specialised retailers

    Schaffer Collection

    If you as a retailer are interested in our high-quality
    and long-lasting cuddly toy collections
    our specialised retailer account is the most convenient way
    to place orders or to be informed about new products.

    more information for retailers
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    fair & friendly

    Schaffer’s claim, your cuddly toy & advertising
    product insurance: We manage our own production in
    Indonesia from our company headquarters in Karlsruhe.
    Here we produce according to certified standards
    under fair working conditions and with durable,
    high-quality materials. Because we are convinced
    that our cuddly friends only develop their true strength
    when everyone has been able to put their
    passion and joy into them first.

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